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Why say it when you can sing it

I love this age when life gets narrated in impromptu songs. As I fix pb&j for lunch, I am being serenaded by “I going to the potty because I need to go to the potty and I have a new swimming cap.”

Earlier, it was a tribute to a shortbread cookie and having the windows rolled down in the car.


Ready for action!

Bot, Geo and Milli Measure were a hit at the Old Salem trick or treat. We even did The Crazy Shake!

Last time I will ever be seen in public in a lime green track suit, by the way!

Sweet dreams

Even at three, I can still count on a minimum 90 minute nap each day. Today, after tearing up the playground for thirty minutes in the cold, not even a chocolate milk AND chocolate cookie at Starbucks was going to keep this one awake.

(Sidenote: The new chocolate meringue cookies at Starbucks are deadly and delicious. You have been warned.)

From the bathroom down the hall

“I am not happy about this! My little rubber ducky is going in time out!”

I wonder what Little Rubber Ducky did?

Stuff my kid says

This may become a daily feature…

The mommy:
Don’t push the placemat because your oatmeal will fall on the floor and I will be cranky.

Olivia Moonpie:
And I will send you back to bed until you can be nice!

If only….😉