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Well, that’s a first

I just got summoned into my 3-year old’s bedroom, thirty minutes before she is allowed to get out of bed, so that I could “fix [her] wedgie.”

Ah, the glamorous joys of motherhood.


Why say it when you can sing it

I love this age when life gets narrated in impromptu songs. As I fix pb&j for lunch, I am being serenaded by “I going to the potty because I need to go to the potty and I have a new swimming cap.”

Earlier, it was a tribute to a shortbread cookie and having the windows rolled down in the car.


A new box of watercolors, a clean sheet of paper and unlimited imagination…

One of those days

Some days are filled with unsolicited hugs and kisses and laughs.

I’m really glad today is one of them.

It never fails

I plan a big endeavor, like starting a new blog, and I even get a good friend and VERY popular blogger to promote it (thanks Mel at and then the entire Good Mother household comes down with some crud and it’s Halloween and I can’t seem to get posts written. Sigh.

Be patient with us! We are trying!

Being brave

Remember the other day when I mentioned my desire NOT to give The Baby my fears and anxieties? It’s hard to do when THIS is hanging around in your shower. It’s a house centipede. It can outrun my cats. It can hold on to popcorn ceiling for close to 30 seconds against the suction of a Dyson. I do not like them Sam I Am. I appreciate apex predators of any species but I would rather not share my bathroom with them. At least I didn’t shriek.