Sweet dreams

Even at three, I can still count on a minimum 90 minute nap each day. Today, after tearing up the playground for thirty minutes in the cold, not even a chocolate milk AND chocolate cookie at Starbucks was going to keep this one awake.

(Sidenote: The new chocolate meringue cookies at Starbucks are deadly and delicious. You have been warned.)


2 responses to “Sweet dreams

  1. That is the sweetest picture ever.

  2. Hi, here from Mel’s. I too have a three year old, who is making up for those long two years when he slept very poorly, 90′ naps included. I find sleeping children one of the sweetest thing in the world. Very lovely picture.
    That fox hat is incredible. I have just now started to properly crochet wearable stuff, so I am in awe. Bravo!

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