Some rules

So, I’m not new to the internet.

Starting a blog with the idea of sharing thoughts on parenting ranks right up there with posting a definitive statement on which is better, Star Wars or Star Trek when it comes to asking for flames and trolls.

I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to raising kids. I have a degree in education and I took child psychology classes a lifetime ago. I was a nanny to three kids another lifetime ago. Mostly, I’m making it up as I go along and asking for advice whenever I get stuck.

I’d like this to be an exchange of ideas. Here’s what worked for me, maybe it will help you. Support, not competition; advice, not preaching. I WILL exercise my right to delete comments that accuse/demean/belittle/troll/ or qualify for being featured on Sanctimommy. I have no problem putting people in time out and I am not opposed to a firm swat on the bumby when necessary.

I loved being a member of the inclusive kumbaya-ness at Stirrup Queens and I would like to create a similar space for parents at all stages of parenthood here.


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