Days 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Whoa, missed the whole week there, didn’t I? Not really the best practice when you’re just getting a blog going. I’m gonna just go ahead and blame the holiday season and the rest of you will smile and nod in agreement.

Honestly, the Grandparents are here for a visit and The Baby and I have been busy little bees getting ready for them to arrive. Plus, there was a pediatrician visit complete with various vaccinations and a 24-hour visit from the sick and cranky Baby afterwards.

There’s a rather nice post bubbling away in the back of my brain that covers everything from doctor’s visits to realizing I’ve become a member of a tribe without even knowing it. As someone who isn’t much of a joiner and who is notoriously shy, it was a real revelation for me!

It’s been quite the week. The Baby learned to roll over AND seems to have found her nap schedule.

Bear with me through the next few days as I’m mostly absent from the online world. I’m sure you all have much better things to do during the holidays that pop in here anyway! Those cookies aren’t going to eat themselves and mine can’t be the only family who celebrates the holidays with massive Scrabble tournaments. Go, play, be merry. I’ll return to being a good mother with much more regularity in 2011.

Warmest wishes for you and your families from The Mama, The Daddy, and The Baby.


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