Days two and three

Thursday was rough. Thursday was a teething day. A very cranky day. It started out fine; we played, we ate, we ran errands. Then it was afternoon and there was no napping. The bouncy seat was pure torture. The playmat held no appeal. All The Baby wanted was to be held and walked around the house. Failure to do so resulted in the production of the loudest annoying sound she could create with the least expenditure of energy. “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

The Daddy was late getting home.

It was a long day.

Friday was better. The Baby slept almost all night. And she pooped. I’ve learned that makes for an entirely different child. We spent the morning getting our fake christmas tree assembled, which The Baby found incredibly funny. (Side note: I HATE having a fake tree but what I consider to be an acceptable christmas tree costs a small fortune here in Texas, having been trucked in from one far corner of the country or another. The fake tree is our nod to being frugal and environmentally sound since live fir trees can’t live here and have a gigantic carbon footprint.) After that and a bottle, we went and visited the nurses in the NICU who made much of The Baby. Then, I did that most desperate of mother things. When The Baby fell asleep in her car seat, I sat in the car and read a book. When she continued to sleep, I carefully put her seat in the snap and go stroller and walked around my favorite big box store with the bull’s eye logo until I was at risk for being stuck in rush hour traffic. It got her a two hour nap.

That two hour nap gave me a baby content to sit in her bouncy chair and watch me cook dinner. A nice change from Thursday. When The Daddy came home, he found a much happier family than the day before.


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